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I realized there’s no point in waiting to show you our house until it looks finished. That will be years. Soon I want to go back and show you some of the projects we’ve done.  But for now, here is how it looks inside: unfurnished, mismatched, and missing doors and trim. One day I will hang things on our bare walls and it will be much more homey.

First, the one ‘finished’ room (albeit filled with mismatched temporary furniture), is the bedroom. Here is looking into the room.


One of my favorite parts about this room is the morning light that comes pouring in this window.


The wall behind the dresser used to have a door connecting to the other bedroom. We drywalled over the door, making a nice little nook for dresser and laundry.


Here is the other bedroom.  It is empty right now because we just moved out of it into our own bedroom. We had to lay the carpet (Yay free Craigslist finds!) to pass the bank’s checklist, but will be flooring this room eventually as well.
Also I want a closet door. It’s all about the small things.


The bathroom is one of my favorite rooms.  I love the floor tiles and the ceiling. We still need a bathroom cabinet (we’re using a little bookshelf currently) and one day I want to pull out the plastic tub and put in real tiling on the walls and a clawfoot.


The living room is filled with light during the day. I love the view out the big window at the end; it looks out over flower and corn fields, and at night we watch the sun set behind the trees along the river.
The corner cabinet space here (where you can see we stopped flooring) is where the fireplace will be eventually. Ryan has to build a chimney first.

DSC_0853Hopefully this week we are going to finish patching the shiplap wall and whitewash it.
Of course we didn’t wire it for the sconces we want before we finished patching. So Ryan is carefully calculating exactly how to take out the fewest boards to put in the wiring.  First home remodel problem?


Here’s looking into our kitchen. This doorway will be trimmed.  The 45 degree corners were not original to the house, so they are coming out. In the kitchen you can see the remaining bit of painted white wood floors that were throughout the house.  I have to constantly remind myself not to curse when I think that someone thought it was a good idea. No matter how much I clean them, they never look clean, and are frequently cringe-worthy. We are very thankful for having laid flooring through the other rooms so we’re down to only one room of white floors.


But back to the kitchen. I am very thankful that everything works (mostly) and for a brand-new fridge. (on the wall facing the stove). The saving grace of this half kitchen is the fantastic pantry around the corner in the dining room, which makes up for the lack of cabinets.


But I dream about the day we get counter-tops, cabinets, shelves, and a kitchen sink that’s not plastic. But that will require me to actually decide on what I want and design it, which sounds immense.

If you turn around where you stand in this previous picture, this is what you see. I love our little dining room. The fireplace will be moved into the living room.  It will circulate heat better, and will allow for a full sized dining table. At the very left you can just peek into the pantry.  One day I’ll get a door for that too. The floor was already pergo, and we left it until we can put in real flooring. But we can’t floor until we decide on kitchen design and move the woodstove.

That door straight ahead is a second door into the bathroom. We are going to drywall over it, and add a built-in bench along the wall.  The sliding doors on the right go out onto the back porch.

DSC_0859Here’s a quick peek at the upstairs. Right now it is a pile of stuff for donating, random furniture and very messy storage. This is because when I remember something I need, it is always in the bottom of the last box I look in.
One day we will turn the little room on the end into a guest room, and the bigger room into craft/work space, and built-in storage.



That’s our little farmhouse, with hundreds of projects to do. Every morning we wake up and remember we get to live another day in this beautiful place. Especially afternoons like this with hot cider and a purring kitten in front of the fire.


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A Whole Lot-a New

We dramatically changed our lives last week.

First, we got a puppy.



Kinza is a German Shorthaired Pointer.  She will be about 60ish lbs when full grown, and has more social energy than both her owners put together.  Currently about 11-12 weeks old, I took her for a 4 mile run/walk the other day.  She was still bouncing off the walls when we got home, but did take a nice long nap. GSPs are notorious for being very smart and having lots of energy.  I am constantly surprised at how fast she learns commands and also how well she gets into trouble.


Secondly, we bought a house in Carnation, WA.  It’s a charming little town surrounded by fruit and vegetable farms, CSAs, dairies, and lots of friendly people. Ryan is smiling all the time about being back in the country where the traffic is slim and the neighbors are neighborly. I’m adjusting, but loving it already. Tthis morning I went over to the berry farm a block away to pick strawberries for jam and met one of the owners.  Just like that I have twelve jars of jam and a new friend.

Our little 1925 farmhouse is on half an acre, and has a barn, a greenhouse, and a shed. It needs cleanup and work on pretty much every inch (except the bathroom), so we’ll be very busy. I’ll be chronically our projects here for you. Here’s a peek at the place as you pull into the driveway.


There were many many hoops to jump through in order to purchase and move in. There were a few projects the appraiser required for the loan to close, so we spent our Memorial Day weekend working on the house that was yet to be ours.  We had to lay flooring in one of the two bedrooms (we put in craigslisted carpet that we are tearing out again this weekend), tiled the front entry and patched some drywall. We’ll be laying the rest of the floors in the next month or two, at which point we’ll get to unpack all the boxes.


We have a long list of projects, including moving the fireplace from the dining room to the living room, flooring, painting, trimwork, tiling in the mud room, pretty much a whole kitchen, finishing the attic, and framing over some random interior doors. We’ll have a good couple of years working on these, but it’s our favorite hobby.

And finally, one of the best parts is the Snoqualmie River a 10 minute walk away. Hot summer afternoons and early fishing mornings are just waiting to happen.


You are all welcome to visit anytime!

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Ryan’s Version of Homemade Christmas Gifts

When I told Ryan I wanted to make homemade gifts this year for Christmas, I had no idea what I was getting into.  I had a vague picture in my head of some cute projects that would be fun little gifts for friends and cheery hostess gifts that would occupy a pleasant afternoon of crafting. Ryan, on the other hand, was picturing gifts that I couldn’t even begin to be able to make. I love that he pushes me to try attempt projects I would be a little scared of.  At least I know I can always go running to Ryan and ask him to fix it. Every month we’re married I appreciate his patience and long-suffering more and more.

He made a beautiful long handled maple cutting board for his mother, which sadly I wrapped and mailed without snapping a picture.

He cut, routed, and sanded a piece of wood for a cheese board for my mom. I wood-burned the word ‘Cheese’ into it and finished it with our beeswax and linseed oil rub.


His favorite project was making three cribbage boards from some pieces of wine barrel a friend gave us. I would have given up at the details necessary to make it precise, but he spent hours sketching out the pegging holes. Then hours more practicing a steady hand on the drill press.  The board pictured is (obviously) the one with the cork hole. The others were narrower, but without the hole. I love how the back of the boards are stained an impossibly dark purple-y red from the wine.






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A Christmas Craft

As shown by phone pictures.
Ryan cut out the sign with his bandsaw, and sanded it down smooth for me. As a side note, metal at 1000 degrees is very hot.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

For unto us a Child is born,
Unto us a Son is given;
And the government will be upon His shoulder.
And His name will be called
Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God,
Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.
Of the increase of His government and peace
There will be no end,
Upon the throne of David and over His kingdom,
To order it and establish it with judgment and justice
From that time forward, even forever.
The zeal of the Lord of hosts will perform this.

Isaiah 9:6-7

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A Tithe Box

Ryan’s work for Emmanuel.
Made of walnut and finished with beeswax, mineral spirits, linseed oil.


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Afternoon at the River

One hot sticky Sunday we packed a picnic and went to spend the afternoon on the banks of a river.  It was the perfect slow afternoon savoring the hot sunshine and the cool water.

Because he can’t resist fishing when he’s near water, Ryan used a plastic bottle to catch minnows in the stream. Catch and release. I hunted for periwinkles and cheered on his fishing.


photo 1 (1)

DSC_0897And because it’s what he does, he found a treasure in the ditch beside the road when we pulled over to check river access. A hardened steel 24inch ruler with all the tiny tiny increment measurements he wants.

photo 2

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Celebrating My Mom’s 60 years


















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